Teaching philosophy

The aim at Lieliputs is to provide a caring and fun environment where children and all of our students can learn English in a fun and dynamic way.

The early years are vital in a child’s overall development and throughout each stage of development, children acquire and absorb many skills. Children at Lieliputs are given the opportunity to grow, learn and acquire language in a safe environment that stimulates and encourages learning through children’s own questions and interests.

Basic literacy concepts are taught through a variety of activities like songs, games, crafts, and play. We want to provide fun classes with the lasting gift of speaking confidently and with a certain fluency in the English language.

We are dedicated in helping every child achieve their best! Our goal is to provide a solid foundation in English in a fun and stimulating environment.

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Our Founder

My name is Geraldine Callanan and I’m Irish-American from Chicago, Illinois. I grew up in both USA and Ireland. I graduated from DePaul University in Chicago with a BA in English Literature and became CELTA certified in Spain through RSA/Cambridge in 1996. My first teaching experience as a CELTA teacher began as a volunteer helping Mexican immigrants study for their citizenship test in the USA. Since then, I’ve taught in Barcelona, London and for the past 10 years, in Zurich. I have 11 years of experience in early childhood education and enjoy working with children of all ages as well as adults. I try to meet each student’s level and needs. The reward of hearing one of my students speaking fluently or passing their FCE test is the reason I’ve dedicated myself to teaching.


Vanessa Lane

Vanessa Lane joined the Lieliputs’ staff in 2012 and was carefully chosen for her experience and understanding of early childhood education. She has an abundance of patience and love and truly understands the needs of young children. Her ready smile and desire for each child to learn to the best of their ability helps the children to feel welcome and secure. She is a New Zealand native and has lived in Switzerland since 2001 , working with children of all ages and teaching English as a foreign language since 2004.

Vanessa is largely responsible for the safe and caring environment at Lieliputs which gives the children and their families security that they are well-looked after while they’re learning, socializing and having fun.


Additional Information




2Sessions or +1 Sibling

3Sessions or + 2 Siblings

4Sessions or + 3 Siblings

Playgroups quarterly





Playgroups per session





Private Lessons

Child- 55.00

Adult 80.00

Business English 100.00

For the playgroups, a flat fee is calculated for the quarterly attendance of your child. The quarter is usually ten sessions but can be as short as eight or as long as twelve. Over the course of the year, it equals out.

Payment- Billed on a quarterly basis

Please note: days missed due to sickness or vacation as still charged.