Child Private Lesson

Each 60 minute lesson is 55.

Each 60 minute session is 80.

Adult Private Lesson

2-4 students. Each 60 minute lesson is 45 pp.

Small Groups 

Private - Each 60 minute lesson is 40

Group  - Each 90 minute lesson is 25

English Conversation 

Price per each 60 minute session is 100.00.

Business English

Translation services

Cost – Chf65 per hour or per project fee. Please contact us for more information and pricing on this special service. Everything will be considered on a project by project basis.

Cost  – Chf60 per hour or per project fee. Our proof readers are available to assist you with your project- please contact us directly for further information.



Information Regarding Payments

Payments are billed on a quarterly basis. Days missed due to sickness or vacation are still charged as per the “Terms and Conditions”.